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Food Processing Machinery

Kettles & Tanks

List Title

Lee 200 Gallon Jacketed Kettle


Lee 10 Gallon Jacketed Scrape Surface Kettles
QTY: 3

Liquish Jacketed Cookers with Agitators
QTY: 2

Stainless Jacketed Kettle
Dimensions: 25" IDx24" High 

Aluminum Jacketed Kettle
20 Gal

Stainless Jacketed Tilt Kettle 
60 Gal

Stainless Jacketed Kettle
Dimensions: 36" IDx24" High 
Jacket has been repaired

Stainless Steel Groen Jacketed Kettle
60 Gal
QTY: 2

Stainless Jacketed Kettle
Dimensions: 17 3/4"IDx14" Deep

Stainless Steel AVP Crepaco Flavor Tank
Model: F200-2
S/N: E-3982
This unit has 2- 200 Gal tanks with agitators

Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank
5,000 Gal
Carbon Steel outside skin, insulated, used to store cooking oil

Carbon Steel Horizontal Tank
5,000 Gal
Used to store cooking oil

Aluminum Tank
Dimensions: 45" IDx49" Deep


A&B Steam Jacketed Process Scrape Surface Kettle


Chocolate Mixing & Melting Tank
Approx. 30 Gallons
Equipment #20164263


Lee Jacketed Kettle
40 Gallons


Sollich Jacketed Kettle Mixing Tank
700 Gallons


Sollich Jacketed Tank
1000 Gallons


A & B Scrape Surface Jacketed Kettle 

MAWP 150 PSI @200*FMDMT -20*F @150 PSI Year Model - 2017
Capacity 70 gallons with 50 gallons working area

3 are available


Chocotech Chocolate Melter Mixer

Type 52 - 275.025

Mach No. 68068.050

Heat Chamber Volume - 62 gallons

Production Chamber Volume - 750 gallons 


Sollich Chocolate Jacketed Melt Mix Tank 

Type RTS 1000 SPEZIA

Model No. 29369010

Unit has steam coils 

Voume: 1,000 Gallons

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